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Asbestos Inspections & Surveys to meet WA State regulations prior to Demolition and Remodeling.

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We provide the most detailed and comprehensive Asbestos Inspection & Survey Reports on the Olympic Peninsula. When you get a report from us, you aren't asking any questions about what you're reading and you know what you need to do next. We help you, we don't complicate matters.  

Asbestos Isn't Exciting

The most common areas for Asbestos exposure in older homes may surprise you. Prior to the ban on Asbestos materials, 1,000's of building materials were made with Asbestos. Make sure that you hire a professional (Like Us) who knows how to obtain a sample without increasing the risk of exposure to you and the building. With many years of experience, we know the correct areas to take samples from and ensure that your building is not compromised when taking the sample.

We Have One Focus - Locating Asbestos

All we do is (AHERA) Asbestos Inspections & Surveys as well as Laboratory Testing of samples that we obtain from our clients buildings. We do not do Asbestos abatement, as it would be a conflict of interest. Our competitors wear many hats in order to thrive, we only need to wear one.  Since you have the choice, when you need an Asbestos Inspection & Survey, select a company like ours that makes its focus locating Asbestos.  

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